Ideation & Brainstorming

Let me help you brainstorm

I’m a professional brainstormer. That just means I get paid to do it. Let my brain work for you. Let me know what challenge you are having. If there is anything I am really good at, it is coming up with a ton of ideas. So many in fact I decided to sell start selling them. Many of them I give away for free. In fact I have been giving away great ideas for years. To friends, family and in many cases anyone who wanted answers. This has always a very casual affair, usually in social situations. For years all I would read is business books and exercise my creativity. Creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it you lose it. Fortunately. I get to be creative all the time.

Some suggestions for questions to discuss

How can you reach more customers?
How are you telling your story?
What do your customers crave from your brand?
How can you convert leads to sales?
How can you stand out from your competitors?

3 Phone Calls

1. Ideation & Brainstorming Session
2. Ideation & Brainstorming Summary w/ Action
3. Ideation & Brainstorming Follow-up

$250 USD – Ideation & Brainstorming

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I am an idea guy. I have always been that way. If you want ideas that can help you. Hire me and lets make it happen. We can have a phone call and talk about your unique situation. Together we will come up with so many ideas that you can pick and choose what you like. My mind is always working to help you. If you ask the right question, I can be sure that I’ll come with the right solution or you get 100% of your money back. That’s a great guarantee. What have you got to lose? Get started here.

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