Ep 75. Sajan Choksi, CEO of Innovative Vision on the potential for more

In this interview I have the pleasure of interviewing Sajan Choksi.

Co-Founder & CEO

Innovative Vision

– Present (13 years)

Founded in 2002 by Sajan Choksi and Puneet Sharma, Innovative Vision is a marketing communications firm based in Toronto, Canada. Any interaction a customer has with a business, IV is there to facilitate. These interactions comes in many forms – voice, email, chat, social media, text and face-to-face. Innovative Vision is able to handle these various forms of interaction through a contact center environment as well as National experiential events team. Our offices are headquartered in Toronto, Canada with locations globally and our clients are a spectrum of businesses ranging from SME’s to Fortune 1000 companies across Canada.


Sajan Choksi Linkedin


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