Ep 50. Doug Sandler Author of Nice Guys Finish First shares how

In this interview I have the pleasure of interviewing Doug Sandler. Listen to Doug share his insight and ideas.

Doug created his Nice Guys Finish First program in a world where too many companies think of their customers as just a number. He is passionate about his message and when you see him speak it is easy to see why Nice Guys Finish First. Since 1984 Doug has been entertaining group sizes from 10 to 10,000. As Doug started his career in the DJ business he always kept an eye on the importance of exceptional customer service. It really wasn’t until a career changing performance in 1992 that Doug truly understood the importance of exceeding customer service expectations. Since then, Doug has performed in front of nearly half a million people and has won awards and recognition all over the country for his amazing ability to keep a crowd engaged. His programs involve a combination of audience interaction, 100% participation and unique style.

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How the Nice Guys Finish First philosophy was developed by Doug:

  1. In 2000 Doug’s relationship with Baltimore City schools led him to create an “Edu-Train-Ment” program incorporating entertainment, training and speaking to students and administrators about the importance of effective communication in the school system. That program created the foundation of the Nice Guy formula: Invest, Inspire, Execute.
  2. In 2008 Doug had his first multi stop speaking assignment with Mobile Beat Magazine. The assignment was a 4 city teaching tour, speaking to other entertainers about the importance, within the industry, of customer service versus talent. The tour combined session speaking and workshops.
  3. In 2013 Doug combined his experience of growing a successful entertainment business with his knowledge of customer service and building profitable business relationships and lifelong clients. The concepts and principles come to life in a Keynote titled “Nice Guys Finish First – Spinning Connections Into Lifelong Relationships.”
July 2014 DJ Times article written about Doug Sandler. Why Doug does what he does.

What other professionals think of Doug:

Slate Magazine’s Emily Yoffe says “Doug has endless, infectious enthusiasm.”

Ruth Marcus from the Washington Post says of Doug, “You’re a total pro!”

Jamie Gangel from NBC has this to say about Doug “ I don’t know how you do it, but your enthusiasm is contagious and you have true generosity of spirit!”

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