Ep 8. Chris Messenger – Author – Think it. Write it. Live it. – interviewed by Mark Latimer

Chris Messenger is the Author of Think it. Live it. Write it.



Think it Write it Live it is your guided journey for 365 days to develop a focus around what you want, and small daily habits to help you get there. The truth is, most people don’t set goals, for fear of falling short, and of those that do set goals- most never achieve them. It’s persistence in the small daily activities that can take a dream and turn it into an achievable reality for anyone. In this book, we teach you how and provide a framework for you to hold yourself accountable to going after what you really want! Success is a journey, and one that requires a strong mindset whether it be in personal relationships, health, work or in building an empire. So grab this book and get started TODAY- learn how to apply some simple steps in order to change your life.

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