Together lets create smiles

Why would you work with me
I can help, you know me
When you ask, why me
I’ll show you why its now why we

Mark Latimer

Eduttain Services

1. Animation $1000- $500,000+
2. Brainstorming $250-$5000+
3. Coaching $500-$10,000+

*All prices stated are in USD.

1. Animation: Turn ideas into action

Our studios are filled with talented teams waiting to apply there animation skills to your project. Do you have a compelling idea for an animation? We can work together to create the perfect video that drives your audience to action. See our work.

2. Brainstorming: Idea Generation

Maybe your problem is you need help coming up with ideas. I can help. As requested, professional brainstorming services are now available. Our standard engagement is 3 phone calls. The first call is the initial brainstorm session, together I will come up with ideas on the spot. The next call is a brainstorming session summary. This call will provide new ideas and also review what was discussed. The brainstorming follow-up call introduces more ideas and checks in on any actions taken. See some of our collaborators.

3. Coaching: Ten Sessions

Will you benefit from 10 phone calls with me? Absolutely. The first session is free with a $50 dollar deposit, so we both take it seriously. To get stared it’s easy. Just place your deposit and we will schedule our first call. After the call you will receive an email with the option to get a 100% refund of your deposit, or sign up for 10 coaching sessions and change your life. Let’s get you coaching.